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A virtual short play festival coming March 2021.

March 5, 7pm  |   March 7, 2pm  |  March 13, 7pm

Just Like College by Denzel Belin - Directed by Kaz Loren

Long Distance by Duck Washington - Directed by Jim Louis

PC by Kaz Loren - Directed by Emma Brashear

Delivery by Cory Anderson - Directed by James Fairbairn

Help Desk by Merit Burgett - Directed by Angela Fox

The ensemble cast is made up of Adrienne Reich, Blair Schuler, Chris Rodriguez, Kayla Hambek, Michael Bloom, Ninchai Nok-Chiclana, and Sylvia Michels.

Ticket registration can be found here. All tickets are free, though we encourage a donation of $5.

Fearless Five?

Fearless Comedy Productions' annual new play festival returns, this time in the virtual performance space. This year's iteration of Fearless Five will cover the vast topic of "Space," something we've all come to appreciate a bit more in the last year. 

With newcomers and Fearless veterans on board, the show is sure to be a great way to spend an evening with chuckles and giggles galore.

Tickets this year are free! Though we encourage a donation through our website ( or our GiveMN page, we want the show to be available to as many people as possible.

The show is streaming through our Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch channels, so give us a like and a follow to stay in touch and updated about Fearless Five and our other upcoming events (Die Laughing Halftime, anyone?).

Registration is optional, but if you do choose to register, we will send you links to the show day-of as a friendly reminder!

Want to learn more about the shows?

Just Like College

Denzel Belin

Connor and Marcos have always had a flirty kind of relationship, but when Connor brings up the idea that they should have sex one day, Marcos is...confused to say the least. A fun, sexy, and endearing look into bisexuality, open relationships, and the misunderstandings that usually accompany them, we will see what happens when we allow space to fully explore ourselves and the space to allow people in.

Long Distance

Duck Washington

An Enrichment and Activities Advisor on Earth tries to keep an astronaut engaged and entertained as he explores the vast and empty void of space.


Kaz Loren

A futuristic dystopian with political, religious and unknown undertones that explores the space between nationalism and individualism. Bless-ed Be, Be Bless-ed.

The Help Desk

Merit Burgett

Working from home begins to get the better of a resolution specialist; luckily, there's a help desk ready to offer support.


Cory Anderson

Working onboard an interstellar spaceship isn’t easy – You’ve got to worry about malfunctioning computers, temporal anomalies, and, worst of all, terrible bosses. When the crew of the delivery take on a mysterious new mission, they'll boldly go where they really probably shouldn’t.

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Fearless Five: Space is recommended for ages 13+ due to mild swearing and adult themes.