Theater (or theatre, if that's your preference) forms a core pillar of Fearless Comedy Productions. We have a theatrical season every year, usually encompassing 4 performances.


Fearless Five provides local theatre artists opportunities to try new disciplines by welcoming both the experienced and new into the fray as playwrights, directors, and actors. This collaborative atmosphere supports the artists as they take bold new chances in their careers, flexing theatrical muscles they didn’t know they had. Five new, short plays are presented around a certain theme (Dreams, Noir, Conspiracies...) as winter ends around us. 

Our spring play is a toss-up, though we tend to encourage a classical or classical-adjacent show to flex our period-appropriate theatrical muscles. For many in the community, there aren't many opportunities to do classical theatre, so we do our best to deliver on that desire for the fanciful phrase.

In the summer, we usually participate in the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which we hold dearly to our hearts. Our most recent escapade into the Fringe was with Wilhelmina and Theodore's Exquisite Victorian Adventure, a playful riff on a movie you might know...

Finally, we close theatrical year with a fall theatrical production. To the best of our ability, we have been motivated to keep these locally-written productions. Our most recent fall production was Action Movie: The Play!

Of course, through the year, we also have many other theatrically-inclined activities through recurring shows and our Murder Mystery Series, which has embodied itself as Mystery on the Mississippi the last several summers (including virtually!). 

Finally, we cannot even escape our own theatricality through our fundraisers, particularly Die Laughing, which is a 50 hour comedy marathon that features all kinds of sketches, songs, and theatre miscellany over the course of its great length. Check out some or many of these with us over the course of the year!