Retired Recurring Shows

These are recurring shows that have retired from active performance. They may come back from time to time (perhaps for Die Laughing) but are no longer in the regular roster. The memories will live on, for better or worse.

radio fun.jpg

Big Fun Radio Funtime brings old tyme radio comedy to new tyme audiences. Comedy writers create short scripts inspired by the golden age of radio and they’re performed and recorded in front of a live studio audience! Science Fiction, Noir, Soap Operas and more are featured. There are commercials, and even musical interludes. And yes, we’ll have a live sound effects technician.

Produced by: Tim Wick


Fully Believable brings you fresh, original stories that we guarantee you have never heard before, because the storytellers don’t know what their topic is.

Come watch four local comedians tell completely made-up stories that they come up with on the spot. Will they fail in hilarious ways, or will those stories be Fully Believable?

what the improv photo.png

What would happen if a group of strangers crafted a scene based on the awkward use of a meme by a relative on your Facebook page? r/WhatTheImprov crafts long form improv scenes based on your interesting internet experiences

The show employs a rapid fire series of scenes, emulating our own casual browse through pages and posts on the internet. Then when the moment is right the performers may dwell on a topic that stands out, or they may not. In improv anything goes.


Power Point Karaoke is an improvisational format in which performers must give a presentation based on slides they have never seen before and which make absolutely no sense.

Presented monthly from October through June at the Fantasy Flight Game Center in Roseville, MN and featuring opening acts that include Reverend Matt’s Monster Science, Double Blind Improv, Fantastic Voyage Improv and more. Tickets are only $8.00 or $5.00 with a receipt from the Fantasy Flight Game Center, a CONvergence Badge, or a Minnesota Fringe Festival button.

Produced by: Melissa Kaercher and Bill Stiteler


Sponsored by Fearless Comedy Productions and featuring the Twin Cities best variety of entertainers, Unhinged Variety Hour is guaranteed to have something for everyone.


Young And Fearless is the Fearless Comedy equivalent of the Carol Burnett Show. Together with our partners from YoungNotions, we are presenting you with a wide variety of comedy sketches and letting you pick which ones are your favorites.

Young and Fearless is not just your average “slap it together” sketch show. Each show is centered around a theme, and sketches are selected from submissions for the particular show theme being produced. Stand up comedians perform between segments, with Bill and Jena Young hosting the show. Young and Fearless works hard to bring you an incredibly refined sketch show, featuring the most sophisticated potty humor in town!