Recurring Shows

Sometimes monthly, sometimes not. In addition to works of theatre, we have recurring shows produced by Fearless company members.

All recurring shows are currently on hiatus due to the ongoing pandemic.

double blind improv.jpg

What would happen if you put a bunch of comedians on a stage that have no idea what they’re about to do? Introducing Double-Blind Improv, a show where you never know what might happen, because neither do we.

Here’s how it works.

The comedians know they’re about to perform in a series of short-form improv games, and that’s it. When a game is announced, our host draws names out of a hat to decide who is going to be in that game. Then the performers use secret prompts or audience suggestions to act out a scene.

Each show is pay what you can, so head down to Honey and join us for your monthly does of hilarity. Come see what happens when these crazy people make stuff up for your amusement. We hope to see you at Honey!

Produced by: Eric Thompson

dueling narrators logo.jpg

Dueling Narrators, A Competitive Storytelling Adventure!

Dueling Narrators pits 4 Improvisers against each other using audience suggestions given at the start of the show they must compete to have control of the story and strategically steal control of the story away from others to reach their own unique ending.

Come watch our group fight to tell the strangest story they can come up with off the top of their heads.

Produced by: Josh Thelen


Fearless Kids is a musical variety show featuring the talents of kids! Watch singers, piano players, dancers and more shine on stage!

Our goal is to help kids develop their artistic gifts and aspirations. We hope to help kids embrace the joy of performing and learn to be fearless!

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Videos of past shows can be seen here:
Fearless Kids: June 2019
Fearless Kids: December 2018
Fearless Kids: May 2018
Fearless Kids: November 2017


Produced by: Angela Fox

fearless lab.png

Fearless Comedy Productions wants you to be a test subject for its hilarious experiments. We have a selection of comedy bits that needs an audience, and you’re invited to be our human guinea pigs!

Sometimes, the only way to know what can be funny is to be fearless and experiment live on the Fearless Lab stage! You will not want to miss this risky venture from your favorite Fearless performers.

fearless presents.png

Listening to the thoughts of our members, it became clear that there are a lot of comedic performing groups in the Twin Cities area that are looking for opportunity to showcase what they can do. In response, Fearless decided to create a monthly series of shows called Fearless Presents that highlight a different comedic act at each show

You can see a variety of performances that range from improv to music and more. You might see CONvergence favorites, or a remount of a Fringe show, or even acts from the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I hope you will join us as we showcase artists aiming to bring something fun and creative to the Uptown area.

Produced by: Duck Washington