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Dream Job
Written by James Lyndon Fairbairn
Directed by Salsa Sterling
Featuring Kaz Loren (Adrian), Adrienne Lee (Paris),
Jason Kruger (Mr Bradley), Maretta Zilic (Ashley)



Written by Lana Rosario

Directed by Becci Schmidt

Featuring Kaz Loren (Mac), Adrienne Lee (Sam),

Ari Newman (Chris), Maretta Zilic (Nic)


Apple Picker

Written by Jacob Gulliver

Directed by Tom S Tea, Featuring Kaz Loren (Bobby), 

Adrienne Lee (Devon), Breanna Cecile (Robin), Ari Newman (Chris)

A Sheep in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Barn

Written by Garrick Dietze

Directed by Aiden Dustin Milligan 

Featuring Adrienne Lee (Aban), Breanna Cecile (Azura), 

Jason Kruger (Abel), Ari Newman (Cain)



Written by Denzel Belin

Directed by Dave Rand-McKay

Featuring Kaz Loren (Remy), Jason Kruger (Ian), 

Maretta Zilic (Dorothy)

Technical Direction and Design -Steffen Moeller

Oversight Director - Jena Young

Stage Manager - Megan Slawson


A struggling screenwriter has a fast-approaching deadline, and their latest script won’t come together. In a stroke of magical intervention, The Writer is visited by the five muses of action movies, who help the writer explore what we love about action films. Action Movie: The Play is a comedic satire and homage to the tropes and characters in action films from the 80s and 90s.

A new play in development by writer Kyle B. Dekker as part of Fearless Comedy Productions Workshop Show (2019), this show was directed by Garrick Dietze with assistant director Merit Burgett.

Calvin Adams – Quipps, The Muse of Dialogue
Emma Brashear – Dazzle, The Muse of Stunts & Effects
Adrienne Lee – The Writer
Cassie Liberkowski – Fray, The Muse of Conflict
David Rand-Mckay – Cool One, The Muse of Protagonists
Serena Schreifels – Heel, The Muse of Antagonists

w and t eva.jpg

Travel through time with Wilhelmina and Theodore as they attempt to pass their history exam in this Victorian take on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Strange things are afoot at the Circle Court! Presented as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Cast and Crew

Producer – Jena Young
Director – Jena Young
Stage Manager – Jada Beulah
Costumer – CJ Mantel
Scene Construction – James Fairbairn
Writers – Megan Slawson, Eric Thompson, and Duck Washington

Theodore – Kaelan Tonjes
Wilhelmina – Audrey Parry
Rufus – Mahmoud Hakima
Descartes – Tim Uren
Ada Lovelace – Becci Schmidt
Anne Bonney – Latanya Boone


Fearless Comedy presents the first ever stage adaptation of the works of Hugo nominated author Chuck Tingle! This adaptation of his satirical homoerotic tales about love between humans and dinosaurs, humans and their Hugo Nominations and yes, even humans and their own butts will be a comedic celebration of love and sex positivity.

Please note this show is not intended for those under the age of 18. There will be comedic simulated sex acts. Some will involve puppets and/or dinosaurs. If you don’t have a problem with that, it’s cool. You decide how much dinosaur sex your kids should watch.


Adapted for Stage by: Sharon Stiteler
Director: Tim Wick
Stage Manager: Megan Slawson and Tess Kean
Film by: Bill Stiteler
PowerPoint by: Melissa Kaercher
Puppets by: Jennifer Menken and Gordon Smuder of The Puppet Forge

Matt Allex
Nathan Gerber
Kelvin Hatle
Matthew Kessen
Dawn Krosnowski
Jason Kruger
Cody Stewart


Two minor characters from the play ‘Hamlet’ stumble around unaware of their scripted lives and unable to deviate from them.

Director – Dan Patton
Stage Manager – Cara White
Set design – Emma Davis
Lights and Sound Design – Steffen Moeller
Props – James Fairbairn
Costumes – Aiden Milligan
Producer – Tim Wick

Rosencrantz – Carl Swanson
Guildenstern – Naomi Cranston Haag
The Player – George Calger
Claudius – Matt Saxe
Queen Gertrude/Spy – Gina Sauer
Hamlet – Andrew Newman
Ophelia – Anna Hermanson
Polonius – Jon Stentz
Alfred – Beth Ann Powers
Tragedian/Ambassador – Jason Krueger
Tragedian – Ari Newman


Uber Driver
“Taxi Driver” is so 70’s. What happens when a young Uber Driver cruises the streets of Minneapolis? Is corruption and crime still as rampant in the 10’s? Does a woman still need rescuing? Perhaps driving an Uber is the key to enlightenment.
Written by: Cara White
Directed by: Megan Slawson

The Crime of the Century

Classic noir set-up, a PI with a problem, a flatfoot from downtown with a lot of troubling questions, and a gal with a gun. Only each one has their own internal monologue/voice over…in the form of a person who follows them around. Then we mess with the rules.

Written by: David Walbridge

Directed by: Jason Krueger

5 new plays, 5 directors, 1 theme!

Stage Managed by: Jenn Jensen

Ensemble Cast:

Michael Bloom
Dave Rand-McKay
Alison Anderson
Lily Noonan
Boo Segersin
Madeleine Farley

The Job
It is the 1940’s and five criminals are planning the heist of the century. But how can they pull it off when the Motion Picture Production Code explicitly states they are required to fail? They’ll have to figure out a way to outsmart security AND the censors!
Written by: Tim Wick
Directed by: Tom S Tea

Medium Murphy: Gumshoe
A psychic detective gets roped into a new case when she makes the shocking discovery that her assistant is a skeptic.
Written by: Aiden Milligan
Directed by: James Fairbairn

Happy Schecter: Positive PI
A mysterious woman’s husband goes missing. Is this upbeat fellow really the right person for the job?
Written by: Kelvin Hatle
Directed by: Jena Young


The Mummy is dead, again, and his closest friends and enemies gather for what they hope is their long awaited pay day at his garish Egyptian themed estate. They are annoyed to find the night will be the furthest thing from simple when an annoying sphinx complicates the will reading. Petty squabbles emerge between fish and vampires, a monster finds love, all while a nosey reporter tries to get a story at any cost.

Cast and Crew

Producers: Nathan Gerber and Megan Slawson
Writer: Megan Slawson
Director: Lauren Haven
Stage Manager: Jenn Jensen
Lighting Designer: Salsa Sterling
Sound Designer: Stephen Moeller
Makeup Design: Andrea Ropella
Composer and Lyricist: Angela Fox
Music Director: Angela Fox

Lisa Frankenstein: Alison Anderson
Monster: Dave Rand-McKay
Mummy: Salsa Sterling
Vlad Dracul: Bryn Tanner
Postal Worker: Nathan Kelly
Jessica Van Helsing: Maretta Zilic
Amelia: Brynn Berryhill
Swing Characters: Phil Schramm


A gritty 30’s-style murder mystery with the characters from Winnie the Pooh. A play that uses the classic structure of a Sam Spade novel and re-imagines the beloved childhood characters created by A.A. Milne. Presented as part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Cast and Crew

Producer: Becci Schmidt
Writers: Jason Kruger and Kirsten Wade-Thorson
Director: Becci Schmidt
Stage Manager: Jessi Goins
Music: Joseph Yé

Joseph Facente
James Fairbairn
Mike Hanson
Lauren Haven
Nathan Kelly
Gregory Parks
Lana Rosario
Mickaylee Shaughnessy
Ian Welch

Caucasian-Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales

Caucasian-Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales is a humorous exploration of what it’s like to be mixed raced, deal with stereotypes, and find your place in the world. Written by Duck Washington and directed by Jena Young, these Pandas will keep your laughter high and your thoughts deep.

The show comprises both story-telling and sketch comedy in a blend of black-and-white concepts. Racism will be mocked, racists shunned, and stereotypes exposed.


Producer: Duck Washington
Writer: Duck Washington
Director: Jena Young
Stage Manager: Kyle Dekker
Sound Designer: Duck Washington


Suzanne Cross
Ted Femrite
Matthew Kessen
Kirsten Wade
Duck Washington


Producer: Duck Washington
Writer: Duck Washington
Director: Jena Young
Sound Designer: Duck Washington


Suzanne Cross
Ted Femrite
Matthew Kessen
Kirsten Wade
Duck Washington


Producer: Duck Washington
Writer: Duck Washington
Director: Jena Young
Stage Manager: Kyle Dekker
Sound Designer: Duck Washington
Set Design: Sadie Ward
Lighting Design: Andrew Troth


Alison Anderson
Suzanne Cross
Matthew Kessen
Jason Kruger
Duck Washington


This year’s theme is Conspiracy Theories. Some of our writers have honored the classics, and some have given life to new conspiracy theories altogether. Our shows at this year’s festival will touch on the (obviously staged!) moon landing, déjà vu–you know, that odd sensation where you’ve already experienced these same exact moments, our electronic assistants Siri and Alexa, playing the part of a murder victim in a show that seems a bit too real, and the gratification of discovering that a conspiracy theory is actually true.

You bring an open mind, and we’ll provide the tinfoil cap to keep it safe.

Cast and Crew

Producer: Tim Wick
Stage Manager: Cara White
Tech: Steffen Moeller
Stage Hand: Jenn Jensen

The End
Writer: David Walbridge
Director: Tim Wick
Brynn Berryhill
Breanna Cecile
Joseph Facente
Jason Kruger
Lana Rosario

The Audition
Writer: Cara White
Director: Susanne Becker
Joseph Facente
Angela Fox
Jason Kruger
Lana Rosario

With Friends Like These
Writer: Keith Dalluhn
Director: Eric Thompson
Breanna Cecile
Angela Fox
Jason Kruger
Lana Rosario

Day Job Vu
Writer: Aiden Dustin Milligan
Director: Garrick Dietze
Brynn Berryhill
Angela Fox
Jason Kruger
Lana Rosario

Leap of Faith
Writer: Bob Alberti
Director: Dan Patton
Brynn Berryhill
Joseph Facente
Angela Fox


Anxiety! The Musical


Fearless Five: Harbingers


Masquerade at Bernard’s: A Shakespearean “Weekend at Bernie’s”


Schrodinger's Apocalypse


Build Your Own Inferno


Hard Wired


Jenny Bandage vs. The Unpronounceable A.K.R.O.N.Y.M.


The Secret of Gravethwait Manner