If you are interested in hiring Fearless to present any one of the existing Mystery Lodge productions, or to create an original mystery for a corporate or private event, please message!


Someone has stolen the Maguffin Diamond! Can you help the staff and guests at Mystery Lodge sort out who removed the famous gem from the safe? Was it the legendary jewel thief known only as the Chartreuse Goose?


Mystery Lodge is hosting an auction of rare artifacts including the Dagger of Crushing Defeat. Someone wants the dagger so badly, they are willing to kill for it! Detective Max LeBlanc is on the case but he can’t solve this crime on his own!


Jellydale High is celebrating their Fifteenth class reunion. It should be a wonderful night but someone has more than reliving the good times on their mind. Someone is looking to ruin the party for everyone. Actually, just one specific person.


In the middle of a masquerade ball, tragedy strikes. All of the guests have something to hide but only one of them is a killer. Someone has an axe to grind and it isn’t just part of their costume.