Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other theatre companies in the metro?

Come to a show and find out! We're committed to our members and, by extension, our community. We are fully committed to diversity within the company.

How can I buy tickets?

Stay tuned! We don't do season subscriptions (yet) and tend to announce ticket sales as the show approaches nearer. Keeping an eye on the home page and social media are your best bet!

What's a recurring show vs a major production?

A recurring show is generally of the variety or comedy genre that happens every month (or just a few times a year, like Fearless Kids). A recurring show is produced by a Fearless member and has its own location, cost, and topic that is separate from what we call "major" productions. "Major" productions are our more traditional theatrical performances, Fringe show, and collaborations with the Mississippi Parks Connection. Major productions are cast widely, while recurring shows are generally produced within the Fearless company and prior collaborators.

What's the best way to help out Fearless during COVID?

Give! Give to the Max!

How can I get involved? I want to act and be a member and write and direct and design?

Head over to the Work With Us section! More information can be found there!

What does it mean to be a company member?

As a company member, you dedicate yourself to participate in a certain number of events and activities and in exchange receive opportunities such as social events, workshops, and more.

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Where does Fearless perform?

Fearless performs all around the Twin Cities! Venues change dependent on the needs of the particular show. In the past we have performed at the Historic Mounds Theatre in St. Paul, Strike Theater in Minneapolis, Phoenix Theatre in Minneapolis, and more!

How can I find you all online?

Instagram: @fearlesscomedy